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  • HELIUM (HELI- 99.9% quality)
  • HELIUM (HELI- 99.9% quality)
  • HELIUM (HELI- 99.9% quality)
  • HELIUM (HELI- 99.9% quality)

HELIUM (HELI- 99.9% quality)

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Applications in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR): Helium gas is used as a refrigerant to make superconducting magnets and provides an extremely strong magnetic environment used to study the structure. internal structure of the object.

Hydrogen cleaning: cleaning liquid hydrogen tanks and piping systems where other inert gases are susceptible to freezing.
In welding technology: in the mixed state, helium is used as a shielding gas for high-quality welding technology such as MIG and TIG. It is especially useful for high quality and standard welding of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper alloys.
Metal quenching: in a mixture with Nitrogen and Argon, helium is used to optimize heat transfer in vacuum furnaces and to quench aviation alloys and steel tools to achieve metallurgical properties such as desire.
Helium 3 is abundant in the solar wind, but most of it is repelled by the Earth's magnetic field. People are studying the exploitation of Helium-3 on the Moon to use as a very potential energy source.
Make the voice change (become higher). Because helium is much lighter than air, in helium, the speed of sound is up to 3 times faster than in air, up to 927 m/s. When you inhale helium, your throat is filled with that gas. Therefore, the voice frequency will change, increase a lot and inevitably make your voice higher and clearer. However, due to the low helium content in the balloon, the "chipmunk voice" only lasts for a very short time, then returns to normal.
Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, after hydrogen. In the Earth's atmosphere, the density of helium by volume is 5.2 x 10−6 at sea level and gradually increases to an altitude of 24 km, mainly because most of the helium in the Earth's atmosphere has escaped to the outer reaches of the Earth's atmosphere. aerospace because of its low density and inertness. There is a layer in the Earth's atmosphere at an altitude of about 1,000 km where helium is the predominant gas (although the total pressure exerted is very small).
Helium is the 71st most abundant element in the Earth's crust, accounting for 8 x 10−9, and only 4 × 10−12 in sea water. In general, it forms from radioactive decay of elements, so helium can be found in mineral deposits containing uranium, thorium, etc., and in some mineral waters and volcanic eruptions. Helium exists in many natural gases.
Helium is used to propel small balloons and balloons because of its lower specific gravity than air, and as a coolant for superconducting magnets.
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Gas bottle pressure information and symbol

Working pressure: 150BAR
Chemical name: Helium (He)
CAS registration number : 7440-59-7
MSDS Data : UN
Level /Grade: 4.6
Quality : 99.996%
Pressure after charge : 150 BAR (+/-5%)
Status: High pressure compressed air
Properties: Colorless, odorless, causing asphyxiation at high concentrations
Gas Quality Specifications

Quality 99.996%


Carbon Dioxide < 1 ppm,
Carbon Monoxide < 1 ppm,
Nitrogen <8 ppm,
Oxygen < 4 ppm,
THC < 0.5 ppm,
Water < 5 ppm

Helium gas cylinders have a full Safety Test Certificate and fully meet current standards and laws.
The above gas quality specifications are for reference only, detailed specifications may change according to actual analysis results of each shipment.
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