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Cooling with liquid nitrogen

Cooling with liquid nitrogen

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Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is a popular procedure because it solves many skin problems. The healing properties of liquid nitrogen make it possible to actively use it in medical cosmetology and medicine.

What is cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy is a cryotherapy procedure. This method belongs to conservative medical procedures. During cryotherapy, the short-term cooling of the body or part of the body to a low temperature (-15 degrees or less). That is, the therapeutic effect occurs due to a decrease in temperature. Exposure to cold causes blood vessels to constrict. In the future, all capillaries are enlarged, including spare ones. As a result, blood flow to the tissues is stimulated, and metabolism is regulated in the affected area and cell regeneration is activated.

used to achieve cooling effect. It looks like a clear liquid and is safe for the body.

Types of ciphers
Cryomassage is a type of hardware massage. It is physiological in nature. A special feature of this type is that in addition to its mechanical effect, it is also used cold, which has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Cryomassage can be divided into categories according to the contact temperature.

It is done when:

1. Moderately low temperature not higher than 0 degrees. In this form, crushed ice is used, which is contained in two cellophane bags. Ice cubes can contain fruit juice or herbal juice to maximize the massage effect. Ice packs are applied to different parts of the face, varying the level of pressure and direction of movement (in a circle or zigzag pattern). To avoid frostbite, massage should last no more than 3 minutes.

2. Low temperature from -15 to -20 degrees. Such a temperature effect is realized only with the help of special refrigeration devices. Some of them are exposed to a mixture of nitrogen and cold air. This procedure does not require special preparation.

3. The lowest temperature is from -110 to -160 degrees. This effect on the body is used for medicinal purposes. The low cold temperature helps to heal burns, wounds and neurological disorders. The jet is directed to the affected area and prevents the development of pathological processes.

According to the patient's problem, two types of cryotherapy can be distinguished:
1. Deep. As a result of this procedure, various tumors on the skin (papillomas, tumors, moles, and others) freeze and die. For this, the tool is held on the unwanted shape for a long time (no more than 30 seconds) with a slight pressure on it. This method is called cryodestruction. This is how surface freezing with liquid nitrogen takes place

2.Surface. In this case, the topical medication does not come into contact with the skin. The doctor conducts them according to the massage line of the face. Local contact allowed. This freezing process improves the overall condition of the skin.

How liquid nitrogen massage works
The doctor uses a special instrument to work with liquid nitrogen. The skin is treated according to the way of massage and local impact on problem areas. During this massage, the skin is in short contact with the person applying the medicine, causing no danger to the patient's health. During this process, an air barrier

Low temperatures affect the nerve endings of the skin. As a result, biochemical interactions between cells and blood flow are improved. The vessels narrow sharply and dilate slowly. As a result of this process, blood enters the tissues more actively, metabolism improves, and dead skin layers are quickly replaced with new skin.

When applying the drug slowly 15-20 seconds, slight peeling will occur. The top layer of the skin is regenerated by removing dead cells from the top layer of the skin. This method can significantly lighten or remove freckles and other age spots.

Benefits of Liquid Nitrogen Cooling
Cryomassage has the following beneficial properties:

-Improve skin elasticity and smooth surface wrinkles;

-Improve skin and eliminate edema;

– normalizes sebum production and tightens pores;

- prevent inflammation;

-prevents the prolapse of facial tissues;

-remove hyperpigmentation;

- treatment of acne and its consequences;

-is an excellent assistant in eliminating demodicosis;

-remove dark circles and bags under the eyes;

– allows skin care products to work better.

Advantages and disadvantages of liquid nitrogen surface cooling
Cryomassage has both pros and cons.


-Minutes Skin appearance improved after the first session.

-Fast rehabilitation time.

-Minimum chance of injury.

-Does not contribute to the development of hyperpigmentation.

The drug does not come into contact with the skin and is safe for humans.

– No traces of the procedure visible to others.

-It is suitable for other medical products and processes.

-Minimum set of side effects.

-There is no age limit.

- Good price.


-To achieve stable results, it is necessary to perform 10-15 sessions.

- When there is a skin disease, this course must be repeated more than 2 times a year.

– Redness and swelling after the procedure, which lasts for 24 hours.

- Uncomfortable cold and burning sensation during the session.

-Presence of contraindications.

Indications for the procedure
Liquid nitrogen ground cooling will be effective in the following cases:

_age-related changes in facial skin (dryness, loss of elasticity, wrinkles);

_ skin diseases (demodicosis, rosacea, keratoma);

_rehabilitation after trauma and surgery;

_acne and post-acne; tumors on the surface of the skin;

Other Applications of Liquid Nitrogen Cooling
In addition to eliminating problems with the skin of the face, air conditioning is used in the following cases:

-massage the scalp to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth;

-as a means of rehabilitation after injury and activity, restoring normal joint function;

-for better healing of scars and scars;

– To combat stress, cellulite and excess weight, special cryosaunas are used, in which the cold affects the entire body;

-if necessary, remove the tumor during cryosurgery, including cancerous tumors;

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