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Preservation of food with nitrogen- Preservation of food in packaging with nitrogen

Preservation of food with nitrogen- Preservation of food in packaging with nitrogen

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Food preservation gas is widely used in food packaging technology today. Has the effect of increasing the shelf life of the product. Did you know nitrogen gas is one of the best food preservation gases? Let's find out how to preserve food in Nitrogen packaging with Venmer.

1/ Nitrogen gas, Preserving food with nitrogen

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the atmosphere's volume. This is a colorless, odorless, insoluble gas. Non-toxic to the environment and humans under normal conditions. Does not react chemically with most substances, is a chemically inert gas. Those are also the advantages that make nitrogen widely used in the food industry. Under atmospheric pressure nitrogen gas liquefies at a temperature of -196°C.

Gas packaging for food preservation is a technique used to extend the shelf life of food. The main characteristic of modified atmosphere packaging is after packaging with suitable absorbent material. The air around the food will be replaced with the necessary gas. To actively regulate the gas environment during meat preservation. Inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, inhibits oxidation of fats and slows down discoloration. The mix of gases in the package depends on the product type, packaging material and storage temperature.

3/ Preserving food in packaging with nitrogen gas

Nitrogen is used as a gas supplement. Because it inhibits the growth of bacteria and it prevents Oxidation. Oxidation is caused by the presence of Oxygen in packaged snacks and dry products. Therefore, people seek to increase the amount of nitrogen and reduce the amount of oxygen in the gas composition. Preservation of food with nitrogen

Freezing with liquid nitrogen, preserving food with nitrogen
In food preservation technology, freezing equipment plays an important and indispensable role in food manufacturing plants as well as seafood processing plants…. Freezing equipment has many forms, currently popular with the following systems: Air freezer, removable freezer system - with IQF conveyor belt, IQF freezing system, super-speed freezing system or system Quick freezing with liquid nitrogen gas….

Cấp đông nhanh bằng N2 lỏng

Freezing Liquid Nitrogen

In particular, the liquid nitrogen freezing system has many advantages. Liquid nitrogen freezing is a super-fast cooling method. It prevents the product from forming ice crystals during freezing. This is important to keep the nutrients, freshness and texture of the food intact after the defrosting process

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