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provide fast freezing service with N2 . gas

provide fast freezing service with N2 . gas

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provide fast freezing service with N2 . gas

What is Quick Freezing?
Quick freezing is a product that is frozen in a much faster time than using a conventional electric-powered freezer. Depending on the type of product put into the freezer, the freezing time is different. Normally, the quick freezing time lasts about 20 minutes from the time the product is put in until the standard freezing time. Freeze by N2

Use liquid nitrogen gas to perform the fast freezing process. Liquid nitrogen gas with a deep negative temperature of -196 degrees Celsius is sprayed into the freezing chamber to create a deep negative temperature. Depending on the type of product put into the freezer, the temperature and freezing time are different.

2. Nitrogen produces a higher quality product
Frozen, or frozen at very low temperatures. This leads to very small ice crystals forming on frozen food. Such as fresh fruit (blackberries, apples, etc.). Those little ice crystals trap moisture in the fruit. This process results in less weight loss (due to dehydration) of frozen fruit. This is what we want. Fruit is better preserved moisture than fresh dried fruit on any day of the week.

3. Nitrogen reduces microbial growth / Quick freezing with N2 . gas
Gaseous nitrogen reduces microbial growth and prolongs the shelf life of food. Nitrogen is one of the gases used in the food packaging process. This is called Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP). For example, MAP is used for frozen packaging of fresh foods from fish and meat to fruits and vegetables. According to the American Journal of Chemistry. By replacing the aerated atmosphere in a “frozen food” package with a pure gas or a mixture of gases, including nitrogen. The shelf life of products can be significantly extended, helping them to look, smell and taste better for longer. compared to the other way. "

4. Nitrogen can streamline operations and save money
According to the Journal of Process Cooling 2. Nitrogen in both its liquid and gaseous forms can lead to a more efficient freezing operation. Can help you streamline your downstream processes. West Liberty Foods used a combination of CO2 cellar freezers and shell freezing for meat products. Deli Diary. By achieving the right temperature along with the depth of the hardening layer. The company was able to “avoid bottlenecks and eliminate product loss.”

This could potentially amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for high volume processes. Those savings become even more important. As the cost of raw materials and proteins continues to rise. What is rapid freezing, N2 . gas rapid freezing

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