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Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

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In breweries, people often use separate refrigeration systems to cool CO2 because of the deep negative temperature regime. Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

The air conditioner used to cool CO2 in this diagram is a completely independent 2-stage air conditioner. With glycol refrigeration system to preserve fermentation tank and quickly cool the cooking solution. In some cases to improve cooling efficiency. The glycol is extracted from the beer storage refrigeration system to intermediate CO2 vapor cooling after each compression stage. In such a scheme, although the cooling efficiency increases, the operation of the CO2 recovery system depends on the operation of the glycol cooling system. So now less use of glycol for cooling, but instead use water. Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

Analysis diagram of CO2 . refrigeration system
1- Three CO2 feathers; Washing tower; 3- CO2 compressor; 4.5- Level 1 and Level 2 coolers; 6.8- Absorption tower . 7.9- Drying tower; 10- Three-hair guard; 11- Liquid separation of the CO2 system; 12- Vaporize CO2; 13- Liquid CO2 container; 14- CO2 condenser; 15- Liquid separation of cold HT; 16- Oil separator; 17- Air conditioning; 18- Cold HT intermediate cooler; 19- Condenser; 20- Containers; 21- GN Tower. Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

The working principle of the CO2 recovery system is as follows:

CO2 from the fermentation tanks is directed to the balon (1), then passed through the washing tower (2). Here the entrained beer bubbles are washed away, leaving only CO2. And is directed to the liquid separator to separate the water droplets entrained in the stream. CO2 is compressed through 2 levels, each level is cooled by water in tanks 4, 5. CO2 is passed through the absorber (6) to absorb all odors. Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

And the dirt and then to the drying tank (7) . Allow to dry before cooling in CO2 condenser (14). In the condenser CO2 is cooled and condenses back into a liquid and flows down to the reservoir (13). During storage, if the CO2 in the evaporator rises to the top, it will be cooled and stop flowing back down to the tank. Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

When needed, liquid CO2 is led to the evaporator (12) to vaporize before being delivered to consumers.

The system is equipped with 02 sets of absorbent and drying vessels. The goal is that while flasks (6) and (7) are working, flasks (8) and (9) are reverting. To reconstitute, steam from the boiler is used to enter the outer shell of the cylinders to dry the flasks in order to perform the conversion.

Freeze Co2
During the fermentation process, thanks to the hydrolysis processes, a lot of CO2 is produced in the fermentation tanks. CO2 refrigeration system. The process of CO2 generation is shown in the following reaction.

The end result of metabolism (fermentation) from hexoses to ethyl alcohol. And carbon dioxide can be represented by the general Gay-Lussac equation as follows:

C6H12O6 = 2C2H5OH + 2CO2

CO2 gas is very necessary in the beer technology process such as in the process of filling and processing technology in fermentation tanks. The CO2 released from the fermentation tanks during biochemical processes needs to be recovered. Preserve for use in technology lines. To preserve CO2 The best CO2 refrigeration system can only be in liquid form, at normal temperature the condensing pressure of CO2 reaches nearly 100at. So to reduce the CO2 storage pressure to a pressure below 20 kG/cm2. It is necessary to lower the storage temperature to a very low level of -30  -35oC. Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

Water Cooling 1oc
Cold water is used in breweries for a variety of purposes. Especially used to quickly cool the sugar solution after being houblonized to about 20oC. Using 1oC water is a very effective solution. And economics in modern breweries. The heat load of the cooking batches according to the time of day is not uniform and continuous but has a pulse shape. When the cooking batches are completed, a very rapid cooling is required. It is clear that if using direct cooling, the capacity of the air conditioner will be very large. Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

The use of 1oC cold water to quickly cool the sugar solution allows storage. A considerable amount of cold to cool the wort of the cooking batches quickly. This allows not to have a large refrigeration system but still meets the requirements. The water is cooled by glycol to about 1oC through a plate-type rapid cooler.

Cooling Cellar for Fermentation and Conditioning Tank Storage, Supplying CO2 . refrigeration system
In some old technology factories, beer is kept cold in cold cellars. In this case, it is necessary to provide refrigeration to cool the storage cellar.

Cooling of glycol can be used for air conditioning in certain areas of the plant, flower storage rooms etc. Supply CO2 refrigeration system

Applications In Chemical Industry
In the chemical industry such as liquefaction gases are products of the chemical industry. Such as chlorine, ammonia, carbonnic, sulfide, fuels, biogas, etc.

Liquefaction and separation of gases from the air is a very important industry. It is of great significance to the metallurgical industry. Machine manufacturing, medicine, mechanical manufacturing, nitrogen fertilizers, refrigerants, etc. Inert gas series such as neon, argon, etc., are used in the chemical industry and the production of light bulbs. CO2 lạnh refrigeration system

The production of fabrics, silk, artificial rubber, and films is actively supported by cold technology. For example, in the production process of artificial silk, people must cool down the spinning tank. Low temperature in accordance with technology requirements, quality is guaranteed. Supplying CO2 . refrigeration system

Rubber and plastics when cooled to low temperatures will become brittle and break like glass. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to make powdered rubber. When mixed with iron powder to create magnetic rubber or mixed with certain additives can achieve very high uniformity. Supply CO2 . refrigeration system

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