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The Ministry of Health recommends: "People should not buy ventilators, store oxygen"

The Ministry of Health recommends:

Cập nhật: 04-08-2021 11:04:07 | News | Lượt xem: 124

The Ministry of Health recommends: "People should not buy ventilators, store oxygen"

People should not buy or hoard ventilators and oxygen cylinders because they are both wasteful because they cannot be used on their own, but they can also cause a shortage of supply in the market.

In the fourth epidemic wave recorded from April 27, 2021 to now, our country has recorded more than 50,000 cases of COVID-19 patients in many provinces and cities, of which Ho Chi Minh City is currently a locality. has the highest number of COVID-19 patient cases with nearly 30,000 recorded cases. The danger of the Delta variant along with the constantly increasing number of cases has created great pressure on the treatment block, along with anxiety from the people.

MSc Nguyen Trong Khoa – Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment Administration, Ministry of Health

In practice, there have been many cases of people looking to buy ventilators, oxygen generators, and storing oxygen cylinders to "prevent" for future situations, although experts have repeatedly warned against them. newspaper. To clarify this issue more clearly, we had a quick interview with Ths.BS.Nguyen Trong Khoa – Deputy Director of the Medical Examination and Treatment Administration Department of the Ministry of Health.

Reporter: Sir, what do you think about the issue of people buying oxygen generators, ventilators to store and ready to use at home?

Ths.BS.Nguyen Trong Khoa: For patients with COVID-19 who have respiratory distress or difficulty breathing, the use of respiratory support devices and systems for the patient is essential. set. However, not all COVID-19 patients require mechanical ventilation. According to the data recorded in this epidemic, about 80% of the patients are asymptomatic or have mild clinical manifestations, only about 5% of the cases need oxygen with glasses, 0.17% of non-invasive mechanical ventilation. and 1.3% of invasive mechanical ventilation cases.

Setting up, operating and putting into use the ventilator system is also different and requires higher requirements than conventional home health monitoring devices such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, etc. people can use at home.

Accordingly, the setting up and operation of the ventilator system should be done in medical facilities with adequate auxiliary equipment (oxygen system, compressed air system), requiring a physician (doctor, controller). maintenance) are professionally trained to operate. At the same time, the process of patients using ventilators also needs to be periodically checked and monitored, and necessary tests are carried out for timely indications and treatment.

Therefore, in family conditions, it is not possible to set up ventilator systems, nor to send professional teams to operate and monitor the use of ventilators at home for patients.

The Ministry of Health and Ho Chi Minh City are committed to no shortage of ventilators for patients, so people can rest assured. People should not buy or hoard ventilators because they are both a waste of money because they cannot be used by themselves, but also create a shortage of supply, making it impossible for medical facilities and hospitals to buy machines for patients in need. in the event of an epidemic with unpredictable developments.

Reporter: Besides ventilators, oxygen is also a matter of great concern to people, could you please share more about this issue?

Ths.BS.Nguyen Trong Khoa: Once again, the Ministry of Health and Ho Chi Minh City are committed to no shortage of ventilators and oxygen for patients, so people can feel secure.

Regarding oxygen supply, the Ministry of Health has conducted a survey and evaluated the oxygen production capacity in our country, the results show that the oxygen supply capacity from domestic production units is 30 times higher than that of domestic manufacturers. With the current demand in hospitals, the supply of oxygen for the whole country in general or in Ho Chi Minh City in particular is not lacking.

People should not buy or store oxygen cylinders at home because they are not only unusable but also have a huge potential for fire and explosion.

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