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Liquid nitrogen preserves honey bees

Liquid nitrogen preserves honey bees

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Perhaps many people also know about the ability to preserve food and support packaging of liquid nitrogen. Currently, people also rely on this feature to use liquid nitrogen to preserve honey bees. Why is there this phenomenon? What phenomena occur in the process of preserving with liquid nitrogen? Liquid nitrogen preserving honey bees

1. Preserving honey bees with liquid nitrogen:

The phenomenon of using gas to preserve honey bees has only been recently researched and discovered by experts in the US. According to experts, freezing the cells of honey bee embryos with this gas will protect them from pests. In addition, when insects are stored at -196 degrees Celsius of liquid nitrogen, they will avoid diseases and pesticides. As a result, work efficiency can be improved.


Preserving honey bees with liquid nitrogen
In addition, they also believe that preserving honey bees with liquid nitrogen is also a way to preserve the genetics of the next generation of bees. This is the way to create the purest line of animals and insects. The results of this study are based on the preservation of embryo samples at the hospital with liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen preserves honey bees
2. The phenomenon of increasing the speed of the object when put in a tank of liquid nitrogen:


For example, put the balloon in a gas tank at a super-cooled temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. At this time, the temperature of the gas inside will drop quickly. According to the law of conservation of ideal gas PV = nRT, the decrease in temperature is the decrease in pressure. So when the ball is placed on the table, the internal pressure will be pushed up. Thereby creating a torque that helps the ball increase its speed and spin so quickly. Liquid nitrogen preserves honey bees
3. The ability to break the structure of things:
Also thanks to its super cold properties, liquid nitrogen can destroy everything. That is when you dip everything into liquid nitrogen, and force it into it. This will cause the object to be crushed, breaking into hundreds of pieces.
The explanation for this phenomenon has been commented by experts as follows:
“The kinetic theory of matter can be used to explain how solids, liquids and gases are interchangeable as a result of increasing and decreasing thermal energy. When an object is heated, the motion of matter particles increases because the matter particles become more energetic. If cooled, the motion of matter particles decreases because they lose energy.” 
Nitrogen breaks everything
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