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Providing liquid nitrogen freezing service

Providing liquid nitrogen freezing service

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Freezing is a commonly used food handling method. Currently, there are many methods of freezing food, but the most popular is still freezing with liquid nitrogen. Let's find out some information with Vnemr Co., Ltd through the content below.

Liquid nitrogen is another state of nitrogen gas at -196°C. Produced mainly by clean air fractional distillation. With extremely low temperatures, liquid nitrogen can solidify almost anything when immersed in it. It is also the property that makes them important in the food industry. For the best preservation, a dedicated vacuum container is used.

Liquid nitrogen for food preservation

Objects that need to be frozen are fresh foods or tissues and medical products. Use liquid nitrogen freezing. Food and items freeze in just 5-10 minutes. Too short a time helps to ensure that the characteristics, nutrition and taste of the food are preserved. This method hardens while preserving the structure of the product after defrosting. In addition, in food transportation, liquid nitrogen is also used. To keep food frozen for a long time.

Liquid nitrogen freezing system

Liquefied Nitrogen Freezing SYSTEM
The popular freezing equipment is the wind freezer, the separate freezing system, the IQF freezing system, the super-speed freezing system… And the most popular is the liquid nitrogen freezing system with many advantages. First of all, it has a super fast freezing speed, which is superior to other methods. Using the conventional system produces ice crystals that adhere to the food. Then liquid nitrogen only freezes food without the appearance of ice or snow.

Liquid nitrogen freezing method


Freezing with a large capacity range, food in direct contact with the refrigerant.
The rate of water freezing in the cell is 5cm/hour, only very small ice crystals are formed, so the food cells are not broken.
Reduce water loss of food, avoid loss of food volume.
The system design is flexible and small in size, easy to expand.
Frozen food in a short time, keeping the taste and nutritional value.
It is possible to use a compact, lightweight fast freezer that is easy to transport.
CO2 and N2 tanks are installed outdoors.
Freezing with liquid nitrogen
In food preservation technology, freezing equipment plays an important and indispensable role in food manufacturing plants as well as seafood processing plants…. Freezing equipment has many forms, currently popular with the following systems: Air freezer, removable freezer system - with IQF conveyor belt, IQF freezing system, super-speed freezing system or system Quick freezing with liquid nitrogen gas….Cấp đông nhanh bằng N2 lỏng

Freezing Liquid Nitrogen

In particular, the liquid nitrogen freezing system has many advantages. Liquid nitrogen freezing is a super-fast cooling method. It prevents the product from forming ice crystals during freezing. This is important to keep the nutrients, freshness and texture of the food intact after the defrosting process

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